DMR Breakfast Yesterday and a few more TYT radios updated

Yesterday was the DMR breakfast at Fat Nat’s. We meet bi-weekly so your next opportunity is only 12 days away. June 3rd, 2017. I hope we see you then! 8am is the official start, but many arrive about 7:30 and a few earlier than that. Service is great and the food even better.

I was able to update a few MD380 radios with the “hack” or “patched” firmware which allows the radio to hold the entire world wide contact database, all 61,625 of them. The software package that performs the modifications is called MD380-Tools. It provides front panel programming, the ability to directly enter the talkgroup ID number you’d like to use. Provides a Morse code menu, backlight programming for variable brightness, diagnostic and signal information, last heard lists, VU meter, changing roger beep tones, contact editing, adds “talker alias” display, additional options for programming the side buttons, keypad entry of your DMR ID, and countless other features over and above the stock firmware.

73 – NØNKI – Eric Osterberg

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