The WA0CQG portable DMR repeater (Bloomington West) is available to any eCOMM group that wants to use it for a drill, event or real emergency situation.
It consists of a Yaesu DR-1X repeater coordinated in Minnesota on 442.15/447.15 Mhx, CC 1, static on TS1 with TG 3127; a 6-cavity dbProducts duplexer, MM  DVM Host software running on a raspberry Pi3 and internet connectivity is provided by FreedomPop device on the Sprint Cellular network.  The repeater runs on the Brandmeister network.  I run the repeater in the low power mode on DMR.
The Repeater and duplexer is housed in a 10RU flight case on wheels and with a retractable handle.  The repeater consists of the follow:
  1. Portable 10RU roll-around case with DR-1X & duplexer.  The case has removable front and back covers.
  2. 12-VDC deep cycle battery with 120-VAC battery minder & cable to DR-1X for back-up for AC power mains failure.
  3. Antenna base plate (Can go under a tire or be held down with three 1-gallon water jugs)
  4. Antenna Mast (4-sections) – 21’ maximum height collapsible to 6’ long.
  5. Diamond X-50N antenna with type N female connector (Strapped to antenna has package).
  6. 50’ LMR-400 Coax cable with male type-N connectors.  (Stowed in cloth bag).