Minnesota DMR Breakfast Winter 2022/2023

Looking to stay warm this winter? Come on down to the Minnesota DMR breakfast and enjoy a hot stack of pancakes with a warm cup of coffee. Though some of our fellow hams have migrated south, the Minnesota DMR breakfast will continue on schedule this winter! Here are the following dates:

  • Saturday, November 12th
  • Saturday, November 26th
  • Saturday, December 10th
  • Saturday, January 7th
  • Saturday, January 21st
  • Saturday, February 4th
  • Saturday, February 18th
  • Saturday, March 4th
  • Saturday, March 18th – Midwinter Madness Hamfest!
  • Saturday, April 1
  • Saturday, April 15

If there is inclement weather possible please check this website the evening before. I’ll do my best to post an update on whether we plan on gathering.

Where do we meet?

Fat Nat’s Eggs – St. Anthony Village, MN
2700 39th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421

What time do we meet?

8 a.m. – 10 a.m.-ish

Everyone is welcome to come out. If you’ve never been — don’t be shy. You’ll find us in the back left corner of the restaurant (the one with all the radios on the table). Introduce yourself and enjoy a nice meal — we don’t bite. Well… most of us.

Accessing K4USD Network With a Hotspot

As we deal with the splitting of talkgroup 3127 between the Brandmeister network and the K4USD network some questions have come up on whether you can access the K4USD TG3127 on a hotspot. This would be helpful for hams who are not near a K4USD-networked repeater but still want to check into that net on Wednesday or monitor both networks for 3127 activity. The answer is: yes!

— Point your hotspot to DMR+_IPSC2-Minnesota as its DMR Master Server.

— Use this password: passw0rd

Connect and reset — and you’re done. You’ll now be able to hear traffic on TG3127 from the K4USD network of repeaters.

Video Conference Meeting, still going

Since COVID hit us back in early 2020, the Minnesota DMR community pivoted from in person breakfast to online meetings each Saturday morning. While it might not be on Saturdays only, a dedicated group have keep the conference bridge alive for more than 3 years now.

You can connect at any time, give a yell and you might find several people run to their PC’s or cell phones and join you for a video call. This is a great resource if you need assistance configuring your radio or any other Amateur radio elmer’ing. Or simply to hang out.


Another network split

During this evenings Minnesota Statewide DMR net, held on Talk-group 3127, Wednesday nights at 7pm Central. Many of us discovered that many repeaters are again split and unable to talk to each other, due to networks disconnecting from each other. Matt, NØYNT shared with us that brandmeister network manager Cory N3FE disconnected the K4USD network from the brandmeisternetwork because K4USD was passing on network connections to downstream networks where as Cory felt those networks should connect directly with his. Anyhow, Minnesota Statewide 3127 was the victim again and depending on where your repeater connected, it might not connect to other users DMR repeaters.

Back on the Air – Repeater – Ellendale, MN (Lemond Tws) – BrandMeister

KDØTGF Has a new repeater (LEM2) on the air in the Ellendale/Owatonna area that is connected to BrandMeister. Below is the information to get connected:

442.075Mhz+ CC10
TS1 – TG 312734 (SCSW)
TS1 – TG 31272 (MN-Metro)
TS2 – TG 3100 (Nation Wide BM)
TS2 – TG 3127 (Minnesota Wide)