News is trickling in, unofficial word is 4 of the 5 repeaters who separated are rejoining the original network

Word on the radio-rumor-mill tells us Bill KD0YRF has purchased the Faribault repeater from Nagi N0AGI and the cBridge from James and progress is continuing to bring Minnesota Statewide to their repeaters with the exception being the St.Cloud repeater which will become a stand alone system. Work is also ongoing to reconnect the isolated MNDMR with the original MNDMR. Good news for the most part. I’ll be happy to replace this posting once official word is available.

Hello from Arizona

By request,

Here’s a photo from Lunch today here at Famous Dave’s in Mesa where I (Eric – NØNKI) have lunch on Thursdays. This is the AZ DMR crowd.  I count 24 people in the photo and there were 5 in a booth out of view. one of the largest turn outs as I can remember.

Only a few more days! DMR Hotspot Workshop Sunday March 19th 2017 2pm

It’s coming this weekend, the MinnesotaDMR HotSpot Workshop at the Maplewood public library is just days away. Note the change in time. We are now able to get in early for setup so we will begin sharply at 2pm. Please arrive by 1:45 to get comfortable or 1:30 if you would like to help setup.

Please visit this survey to let me know if you are interested in attending. I need a good head count so I can prepare handouts for you.

Location: Ramsey County Library – Maplewood – 3025 Southlawn Dr, Maplewood, MN 55109

The Presentation is available at:

Here’s a list of things you should be prepared to bring with you.

  1. Pen and notepaper if you wish to take notes…
  2. Raspberry Pi 3 or 2.
  3. SD flash card for your raspberry pi computer. You might want to bring a spare, just in case. 16Gb or larger recommended. 8Gb minimum size. You may also need an adapter to connect the SD card to your laptop to copy software for the first time.
  4. Power supply for your raspberry pi computer.
  5. DVMega radio board. (Note that I have them available for $105, but the library prohibits sales in their meeting spaces so we need to meet before hand.)
  6. You may wish to bring a case with a hole already in place for your antenna or I can sell you a case in advance (no sales allowed at library) for your Pi and the DVMega radio board. A case is optional if you are careful handling your Pi computer. I have them for 10 bucks.
  7. An antenna with an SMA Male connector for the DVMega radio board. I have antennas available too. Shorter ones for $7 and longer for $10. Most MD-380 and MD-390 radios were shipped with two antennas which are compatible. The two antennas I stock are identical to the stock TYT/Tytera UHF radio antennas.
  8. Extension cord 7 to 15 feet in length, preferably with an outlet bar so you can power your neighbors extension cord, a monitor, a laptop, your pi computer and maybe the same for the person next to you who didn’t bring one. The meeting space has very few outlets around the outside of the room. We need you to bring plenty of cords so everyone can power up. Please label your cords if you want them back.
  9. Keyboard if you have one you can bring. I may have a couple to loan, however you might want to use one without waiting.
  10. Laptop computer to connect with your pi for setup, to flash the SD card and to reprogram your DMR radio. If you do not have one, it’s OK, it is not absolutely necessary, but will delay things for everyone else.
  11. Your DMR handheld radio. Please bring a radio so you can test things out.
  12. Your programming cable for your DMR radio (If you don’t have a cable, I’m sure someone in attendance may be able to assist.
  13. Video cable? I will be bringing a dozen computer monitors which have a DVI video input. The Raspberry Pi computer has an HDMI output. I have 5 cables to connect the 12 monitors. We should only need a monitor and keyboard briefly to setup our network and WiFi settings… After these are known/configured, you will use a laptop if you have one for the rest of the configuration.

What you should preferably know and bring with you before you attend:

  1. Your DMR radio ID, they are 7 digits long and in Minnesota start with 3127???
  2. Your WiFi SSID Name (It is case sensitive and you should double check)
  3. Your WiFi Network Password
  4. If possible, find out if or what type of authentication/encryption your WiFi uses: WPA2, WPA or WEP.  Next find if you have AES or TKIP… This information may be needed if you want to preconfigure your hotspot to connect with your wireless network at home, work, school, car, where ever.

Minnetonka back online

Today my repeater located in Minnetonka at Don Rice’s house was replaced with a Motorola XPR8400. Don wasn’t satisfied with the selectivity or purity of the Yeasu Fusion DR-1X repeater I modified for DMR use and he switched it off a couple weeks ago. That changed today as it’s now a Motorola rig and appears to be performing very well. The Fusion systems just are not as good in locations with multiple radios or high levels of RF present. Thank you again to NØBVE for hosting both the Chaska and Minnetonka systems. Of course Don also provides his own DMR equipment at his sites at RiverView (Some refer to this as MSP) and his other system at the MSP airport. Someone buy him lunch as without his support we would be short 4 of the best performing locations in town. Thank you Don!

PS: Thank you to “Scanner” again as well for checking up on the new duplexers I’ve added to my collection of equipment. What you are looking at here is a couple paychecks. 3 quality duplexers and the new repeater.

What’s a CodePlug? Where’s that name come from?

Back in the good old days, radios used crystals to control the frequencies, and sometimes had internal jumpers that were set for the various options. Some time later on, they moved the internal jumpers to a jack on the back of the radio. They configured plugs with wire jumpers in them that plugged into the jack to enable certain options. These became the original code plugs. Later on, more things were controlled by these code plugs, such as tone encode/decode selection.

As radios became microprocessor controlled, the external code plugs moved inside the radio as programming information. The term has, unfortunately, remained with us, although there’s not much that still plugs in. The code plug contains the operating frequencies, tone selections, timeout values, system IDs, etc. In some instances, there’s even some parts of the program itself in the code plug which defines a radio’s personality. These days, the code plug is just a relatively small binary file that’s managed by software a program and transferred to or from the radio via several proprietary means.

Credit to kcbooboo from the batboard @ for the original text.

Top 50 DMR Radio ID’s in the last 50 days

Anyone ever wonder who’s doing all the yacking on Minnesota Statewide. Brandmeister can provide some beautiful statistics and I thought I’d share the top50 ID’s from the past 2 months. I see all 3 of my radio ID’s made it into the top 20. Yikes.

ID Call Name Last TX TX Count
3127202 N0NKI Eric J 2017-03-06T13:41:52.846Z 2474
3127087 WA0CQG Carl 2017-03-07T14:03:04.770Z 2390
3127027 KA0KMJ John 2017-03-07T06:23:14.221Z 2106
3127007 KA0KMJ John 2017-03-06T21:43:34.989Z 2062
3127053 KC0CAP Dan 2017-03-07T12:15:53.865Z 1722
3127008 N0BVE Donald A 2017-03-05T20:54:12.834Z 1641
3127036 KC0BBK Galen L 2017-03-07T10:25:53.742Z 1492
3127035 KC0DGY Kent 2017-03-06T20:33:27.600Z 1491
3127235 KQ0RS Dwight 2017-03-07T00:24:25.056Z 1464
3127147 N0BVE Donald A 2017-03-07T03:10:12.264Z 1330
3127099 KE0EXC Johnwayne Erickson 2017-03-07T06:26:32.650Z 1325
3127048 WA0CQG Carl 2017-03-06T20:00:31.500Z 1313
3127265 N0SBU George D 2017-03-06T20:29:41.499Z 1247
3127004 N0YNT Matt 2017-03-04T22:07:04.107Z 1232
3127106 N0NKI Eric J 2017-02-14T03:42:22.307Z 1221
3127033 KQ0RS Dwight 2017-03-07T13:09:08.516Z 1003
3127104 KC0BBK Galen L 2017-03-07T08:20:08.255Z 993
3127050 KD0BEV Robert 2017-03-06T18:57:42.475Z 735
3104410 N0NKI Eric J 2017-01-12T01:19:13.226Z 721
3127021 KD0TLS Todd 2017-03-07T00:11:53.290Z 718
3127360 WB0POQ Robert S 2017-03-07T05:04:58.874Z 673
3127010 KC0VRV Matt 2017-03-07T00:31:13.261Z 584
3105035 KD5DLJ Denny 2017-03-06T15:52:24.486Z 579
3127009 N0VZC Mike 2017-03-03T13:46:58.561Z 497
3127146 N0GOI Terry B 2017-03-04T23:31:25.605Z 478
3127160 N0DZQ John P 2017-03-07T00:39:20.665Z 473
3127253 KD0DWV Brandon E 2017-03-07T01:12:31.144Z 355
3127337 KE0N Eliot A 2017-03-06T14:55:48.240Z 329
3127135 K0FCC Daniel D 2017-02-26T04:51:09.257Z 293
3127220 KD0IWA Max 2017-02-20T21:42:05.773Z 283
3127150 KE0EMB Lee 2017-02-26T21:31:16.322Z 226
3127072 KD0YRF William 2017-02-04T23:42:29.562Z 209
3127276 K0BEN Benjamin 2017-03-03T18:55:51.812Z 209
3155059 N9OIG Drissel 2017-02-26T18:30:29.886Z 198
3144010 N1JBC Jed 2017-03-05T18:15:19.085Z 193
3127280 KB0SVW Terrance R 2017-03-06T00:10:27.085Z 189
3127017 NK0M Brandon M 2017-02-28T22:56:01.453Z 182
3155022 N9OIG Drissel 2017-02-27T01:11:43.783Z 175
3127212 KD0TTG Wesley F 2017-01-31T09:30:14.858Z 157
3127219 KC0VCT David L 2017-03-01T03:29:16.371Z 157
3127370 KC0QNA Don 2017-03-05T02:34:55.157Z 144
3127049 KC0HCP Brad 2017-03-05T05:32:02.638Z 118
3127040 W0JPJ Jarod 2017-03-05T01:24:36.591Z 111
3127215 N0TNL Matt 2017-03-04T18:52:59.726Z 111
3127153 KC0RKH Andrew 2017-03-03T21:47:05.102Z 105
3155155 N9UPC John J 2017-03-04T16:45:18.228Z 103
3113011 W2XAB John 2017-02-25T04:06:08.451Z 100
3127172 K0BBC Matthew T 2017-02-23T23:26:34.244Z 93
3127094 KD0PNQ Trygve N 2017-02-11T13:24:03.004Z 92
3127307 KC0BHS Steven J 2017-02-17T16:58:03.706Z 86

Updated a few radios tonight

If you are interested in the Travis GoodSpeed “Hacked” or Patched firmware for your TYT or Tytera MD-380 or MD-390 radio, Let me know on the MinnesotaDMR mailing list. This evening at the Bloomington Communications Group monthly meeting, I had the opportunity to update a couple radios and I would be happy to lend a hand updating yours.

73, NØNKI – Eric Osterberg