Updated a few radios tonight

If you are interested in the Travis GoodSpeed “Hacked” or Patched firmware for your TYT or Tytera MD-380 or MD-390 radio, Let me know on the MinnesotaDMR mailing list. This evening at the Bloomington Communications Group monthly meeting, I had the opportunity to update a couple radios and I would be happy to lend a hand updating yours.

73, NØNKI – Eric Osterberg

Visual of Network Connections

I have attempted to graphically depict the state of the MNDMR network as I understand it. I am also including Minnesota Statewide for comparison.


You may notice that the MNDMR connection is still in place between all the original repeaters and it’s still connected with Brandmeister and appears as TG31127 on Brandmeister. Officially, the world of networks sees K4USD as the master system hosting this TG number. In the case of the Nagi/James network, they consider themselves the master. As far as I know, there are no external connections to their network for this Talk Group.



Here’s the statewide talk group.


Generally, all repeaters support all talkgroups on their radio side, but will not forward to a network unless configured to do so. So for example, if you attempt to use Minnesota Statewide on a Nagi/James MNDMR cBridge connected repeater, it does appear to work locally, but isn’t going out any other repeaters.

St Cloud Hamfest Saturday Feb/18/2017

Today was a fantastic day for a Hamfest in St Joseph Minnesota, just West of St Cloud. Both the MNDMR group and the MinnesotaDMR group made their appearances and shared knowledge with the Amateur community. Trygve filled a room upstairs at 10:15 with his excellent presentation about DMR and the available resources online. The presentation is attached to this posting.

We had plenty of visitors and updated the firmware of quite a good number of radios. The MD380-Tools updates were installed and new users walked through the many capabilities of these devices and the new features available after patching (hacking). The MMDVM and DVMega Hotspots were demo’ed and nationwide QSO demos made to Florida and New York on low power.

Over at the MNDMR table, Nagi was selling the MD380 radio at his cost. I understand he sold 18 radios today, so I’m looking forward to hearing all the new hams joining us on DMR.

I really enjoyed catching up with people and having those full duplex eyeball QSO sessions. Radios are fun, catching up in person tops all that technology.


DMR Radio 1702 <– Presentation from Trygve <–

Credit and Thanks to John, KAØKMJ for sharing this candid photo!

Newest Repeaters in Town

The 3 newest repeaters are all Brandmeister network connected.

The locations are:  Minnetonka @ 443.300+5 CC1, and Bloomington @ 443.100+5 CC1 and Chaska @ 443.950+5 CC1

Some things to note when designing your codeplug is that several TalkGroup ID numbers are slightly different. For the most part, 3 and 4 digit talk groups like 3127 (Minnesota), 3169 (Midwest), 310 (TAC310), these are all the same with no changes. However TG1 and TG3 become TG91 and TG93. You can find a list of supported talk groups here: https://api.brandmeister.network/v1.0/groups/

73 – NØNKI – Eric Osterberg

Receive updates from Google Groups Message Board

I’ve noticed that the majority of subscribers to the Google Groups page are not configured to receive updates.  You can check or update these preferences by logging into the google groups page https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/minnesotadmr , then finding in the upper right corner the “My Settings” icon.

Choose “Membership and email settings…

Then choose to have email messages delivered for every new message.

After saving, you should begin receiving updates as they occur.


73 – NØNKI – Eric Osterberg