Brandmeister breaks Minnesota statewide link, wants 10 minute limits on our talk-group

This is crazy guys. But politics and power have interrupted our own statewide talk-group. As many may know, in Minnesota we use our statewide 3127 talk-group to carry on conversations and nets rather than as only a calling channel. Corey N3FE who along with Anthony W7XM operate the US Brandmeister servers has confirmed to me that he personally pulled the plug on the cc link (interconnection between networks) because he states he’s gotten complaints we are not using our talk-group as only a calling channel.

What follows is the conversation I’d had with him regarding this issue. It’s looking like I may need to find another network as when non-Brandmeister repeaters and their users are not following his rules, he’s going to punish myself and other Brandmeister hot-spot users by pulling the network apart.

Hopefully this conversation will speak for itself.
Artem Prilutskii DL5ABM is the lead developer of Brandmeister software…