Where do I begin

Where do I go to get started with my new DMR radio?

Step One: All users should have a unique radio ID number. You can register for your very own at: https://www.radioid.net/account/register#!

Once you have completed the online application, an ID number will be assigned in about 24 to 48 hours. This is still a manual process provided by volunteers from the Motorola Amateur Radio Club. Keep an eye on your email, or you might consider searching the online database. It’s been known to happen that reply messages get caught up in your spam filters. You should only ever need one ID number except in very special cases that we won’t worry about here.

Step Two: You’ll want to program your radio. Since the DMR radio standard comes from the commercial world, it’s common to require a PC or personal computer to program your radio. The configuration file we load into our radio is typically called a “Code-Plug”. This name originated from back in the old days when you literally plugged in a memory chip to setup the personality or configuration of a synthesized radio.

You can find pre-configured code-plugs for most radios which match your radio model and coverage area online. It’s possible to create your own and you can learn more about that HERE. Below is a list of sites where you can find code-plugs.

Step three: You will still need to customize your code-plug by installing your unique DMR-MARC radio ID number. There are many people in the community happy to assist. Or you can follow the link below that matches your model of radio: