You can find pre-configured code-plugs for most radios which match your radio model and coverage area online. It’s possible to create your own and you can learn more about that here XXXfutureLink. Below is a list of sites where you can find code-plugs.



The following changes have been made to the MD380-390 code plug.

2 new Zones have been added SharkRF and DV.Mega.
The freq. have changed to 441.025 and 441.075.  Remember to change
them on your Shark or DV.Mega
The default 435.000 was in the satalite band for the US.
I tried to maintain the order of channels.

3 other talkgroups that were added previously are Minnesota, Minn.3127
and MNDMR.1127  These allow you to scan either MN.State or MNDMR or both.
These also allows for easy change of repeater while driving.

The bottom side button was reversed so it is less likly to change zones
but chaange power instead.
Short press = Change power and long press = select zone

Almost 400 (392) users in Minnesota, 283 in Wisconsin, 185 in Iowa,
6 in North Dakota and 1 more for 14 in South Dakota