Code Plug Clinic Teaser

I thought I’d share with everyone that I’m working on the content for the code-plug clinic. Coming soon. 73 – NØNKI (Eric Osterberg) n0nki

6 thoughts on “Code Plug Clinic Teaser”

  1. Hi, I have a motorola xpr6550, I would like to know if you have any codeplug for the dmr frequencies of amateur radio in Puerto Rico.

  2. Is there any more recent MD-390 codeplug for the metro area other than the one from November 2018?

    Also, other than using a personal hotspot (e.g. pi-star), is it possible to access arbitrary talk groups using the local repeater infrastructure. If so, how would one do so?

    1. Unfortunately no. Galen had previously been maintaining these and I believe the tools he was using have become more difficult to use.
      For the repeater access to additional talk-groups, The repeaters are connected to network controllers (some called a “C-Bridge”) that define what talk-groups are forwarded along to additional systems. We have a few Brandmeister connected repeaters that allow access to anything your hotspot has access to on either time-slot, but the other repeaters around are much more limited to exactly what the network or repeater owner has configured. You can see a list of repeaters and a list of networks on the website here.

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