Another teaser – New hardware pledge

If you’re a digital radio nerd, you might be interested in the sexy, ham sexy, new hardware under development. I am one of the early pledges to see this hardware come to fruition. You can check out the device here:

This little USB dongle will support the bidirectional trans-coding of our digital streams from one radio technology to another. So, someday in the not too distant future, you might be able to turn on your DMR radio and bridge to another radio frequency in a another part of the state or world. Let’s say you’re on vacation and in Hawaii. Imagine turning your radio dial to a DMR talk-group where you can control a remote base in Minneapolis and entering the 146.XX repeater into the DTMF pad on the front of your radio. That ability to encode and decode the analog stream into the DMR network is provided by this hardware. There’s still software in development and the same is true with this hardware. It’s not here today, but there are those of us behind the scene working on these technical challenges. DStar, Fusion, Analog, DMR, P25, Other IMBE are all modes being worked on.

I’d like to ask for your financial support. Installing and operating the DMR network isn’t inexpensive. The repeaters themselves begin to look really cheap when you consider the filtering, cabling, duplexers, electric bills, hard-line, connectors, lightening protection, Internet access, routers, microwave links, etc. With your financial support, I can continue to invest in new technologies and increase the capabilities of Minnesota’s DMR (and other) Radio Networks. The KickStarter project will be funded at the end of January. I hope to have ~$400 for this hardware dongle and will contribute testing and code review to the projects. Additional projects include the WhiteBear Township Water Tower DMR site, Duluth Hill DMR site and with the right funding, a major DMR installation in the eastern metro. Unfortunately both WhiteBear and eastern metro have hellacious installation expenses. Paypal donations gladly accepted at – 73 nØnki – Eric Osterberg I’d like to thank those of you who have already donated for past projects and without any solicitation. I very much appreciate this.

Check out the video on Kick Starter, (link above)

Software Info: dvswitch, hblink, hbbridge, dmrlink, ipsc2hbp, dmrlink, dmr_utils <– all of these found on GITHUB @ – Amazing work by many including nØmjs, n4irs, m0nwi, HuskyARC, MrBungle42 and so many other names.

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