Tytera MD-380/MD-390 Setting your DMR ID

Open the Tytera MD-380 CPS (Codeplug Software) and locate the General Setting window. You’ll need to locate the RadioID in the upper right hand corner and input your 7 digit radio ID.


3 thoughts on “Tytera MD-380/MD-390 Setting your DMR ID”

  1. Thanks for the postcard. I had heard rumblings. I appreciate anything to stay a little more informed – really look forward to the net schedule. Thanks!~

    1. Thank you Steve,
      I appreciate the positive feedback and thanks for visiting the site. Any thing I can do to keep things going and keep this fun for everyone. 73 – NØNKI – Eric Osterberg

  2. Need help with understanding how to use dmr repeaters with UV380 I new to DMR and have loaded the code plug with my ID. I have access to all the analogue repeaters but i don’t understand how to access the dmr portion with the code plug. Please help

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