Moving Minnesota Statewide to Time-Slot1 on BM-(BLM/CSK/MTK)


As I shared on the Wednesday night net @7pm June 7th, I’d like to move all our static talk-groups to Timeslot1 and encourage the use of Timeslot2 for only on-demand or dynamic talk-groups. This follows the time-slot / talk-group layout idea that appears to have started in Iowa.

This will free up Time-slot 2 across any repeater that is not actively involved in a particular QSO, (any repeater that follows this convention). I’ll be removing US Nationwide and Worldwide + WWEnglish from static assignment to Timeslot1. Anyone can still bring up these talk-groups on demand on either time-slot when using a Brandmeister connected repeater. Your old code-plugs will work, but you are encouraged to update so that Minnesota state appears on your radio as full-time and so that you do not consume both time-slots while operating with your old code-plug.

These changes will become effective on July 1st, 2017. This is for BLM, CSK and MTK. This allows everyone to plan ahead and for our code-plug volunteers to release updates ahead of time.


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