Announcing firmware updates on Minnetonka repeater

I wanted to share some technical news that’s only relevant to those of you interested and aware of some intermittent problems with the Minnetonka repeater not transmitting.

This evening the firmware on the XPR8400 repeater serving the Minnetonka area was updated to the newest available and several revisions newer that it was previously running. It is still Brandmeister connected. I’d like to thank all of you who have contributed. NØBVE, Don Rice for hosting my equipment at his site! Thank you Don! Thank you for all of your support to our community in so many ways. Thank you to Galen for answering and becoming our first successful contact on the new firmware version. Thank you to John Burningham for technical assistance and code-plug review. Dave KEØNA for access to the tools to keep our Motorola components working across the entire state of Minnesota. Todd, Kent and others for detailed technical reports of performance and observations that lead to our troubleshooting the ghosts in the network. And to all of the rest of you I’m forgetting to name specifically, and everyone of the rest of you reading this message. THERE ARE NO CHANGES OF ANY KIND REQUIRED ON YOUR RADIOS. This is simply a major update to the repeaters low level firmware. Only wanted to let folks know changes were made as well as the installation of some equipment to enable better network diagnostics.

73 – Thank you!

NØNKI – Eric Osterberg

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