This past weekend – Great time had at the Midwinter Madness and in Washington

The Buffalo Hamfest was this past weekend. Quite a few people were in attendance. I’d like to toss out a few thank you’s to John KA0KMJ and I know I’m going to be missing names and calls but there were several people associated with the Maple Grove Radio Club who supported us this past weekend. From purchasing table space, providing power, providing an outside 70cm antenna, etc. Galen and John, Dave and Dave, everyone who stopped by the booth. Thank you for making the event what it was. Wouldn’t have been the same without each and every one of you.

In other news, there was a digital conference in Puget Sound. You can watch the entire set of presentations online via YouTube here:  Information about the conference is posted at

Looks like some really amazing technical content. I’d love to attend one of these coming years. Here’s some of the slides from the event.


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