6 thoughts on “Map of Minnesota DMR Repeaters”

    1. Can you provide a detailed list of Lat Log and other details you want to display? It would be best if the data can be imported into Google maps as a data layer. Thank you.

    2. It would be helpful to know what’s changed as well. I don’t know your geography so I don’t know if the pins in the map need to move, if the frequencies changed, if there are new systems or where to put them in a map, ????

  1. All the pins you had before were right on the spot. Just add a pin in the centre of the town of Ste. Jean Baptist on HWY 75 south of Winnipeg to the US.
    VE4STJ is on 444.4375+ CC11
    VA4DMR on the BM system has been replaced by VE4DMR linked into the Manitoba Regional DMR Network.
    All current information about the Manitoba Regional DMR Network can be found at https://www.ve4dmr.ca/

    1. I have updated the format to better match the other sites. the URL I see for this repeater is a simple welcome to your new server webpage. Do you have any content to post about this system? All I know I’ve gathered from over hearing conversations or looking at the MARC database.

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