More repeaters swapping Minnesota Statewide and MNDMR Time-slots

Bill – KDØYRF has announced that on Wednesday evening after the Wednesday night net, January 10th, Repeaters connected to the MNDMR cBridge will be reconfigured to modify or swap the time-slots for two talk-groups. Minnesota Statewide TG3127 will be moving from Time-Slot 2 to Time-Slot 1 just like the MTKA, BLM, BLW, Chaska and StPaul repeaters. They will then move their MNDMR TG31127(1127) from Time-Slot 1 over to 2.

The impacted repeaters are AIR, MSP, LIT, BKH, MED, RST.

The move for Minnesota Statewide from TS2 to TS1 accomplishes the goal of freeing up Time-Slot 2 for more user activated activities including Local2, Local9 and the TAC talk-groups. Today Minnesota Statewide is where most of the activity is. If it’s active, these other talk-groups are impacted and basically unavailable.

Please plan for updating your code-plug (Radio programming) on Wednesday night after the net or around 8pm January 10th. New updated code-plugs can be found on this site around that date.

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