It’s breakfast time again, Saturday June 17th 2017

Reminder to all, this Saturday is the DMR breakfast. We meet every other week.

We gather this Saturday morning (June 17th) Same time, same place (8:00 AM, Fat Nat’s Eggs, St. Anthony Village). While 8am is official start, many arrive at 7:30 or even a few minutes earlier.

2 thoughts on “It’s breakfast time again, Saturday June 17th 2017”

  1. I just ordered the tyt md380
    I would like to join your club.
    Please let me know what dues are and any new events

    1. Welcome! There are no dues and you are welcome to join us. We’re just a group of people with a common interest. Thanks for your message and we’re all looking forward to meeting you. 73 – Eric – NØNKI

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