Motorola Mototrbo code plugs updated

Motorola Mototrbo code plugs for the following models have been updated:

  • SL 7550
  • XPR 4500L
  • XPR 4550H
  • XPR 4550L
  • XPR 5550He
  • XPR 5550H
  • XPR 5550L
  • XPR 6500
  • XPR 6550
  • XPR 7550
  • XPR 7550e (new)
  • XPR 5550H (new, VHF)
  • XPR 4550 (new, VHF)
  • XPR 6550 (new, VHF)

Here is a summary of the revisions in this release:

  • All Brandmeister Network connected Repeater and Hotspot Zones channels have been aligned with Galen, KC0BBK’s code plugs
  • Two South Central Minnesota Repeater Network (SCMN) KD0TGF repeaters, LEM1 and LEM2 have been added to all code plugs and the fleet map
  • The University of Minnesota (UoM) repeater Zone had been added back as a Brandmeister repeater
  • The code plug for Motorola model XPR 5550He has been refreshed from a firmware updated radio so that user radios can  load it


Most DMR-MARC, K4USD, BrandMeister and DMRPlus talkgroups are available in “Contacts > Digital” for the convenience of those who want to customize their code plugs.

The “P” and “M” after your name in contacts follow the original DMR-MARC convention for Portable (P) and Mobile (M) ID assignment, they do not represent your middle or last name initial. This keeps the Subscriber ID unique for the two allowable by DMR-MARC.

The following Subscriber ID’s have been added to contacts:

  • 3127618 NR0L Neill A Johnson Maple Grove
  • 3127619 AD0IV Kevin M Crisp Farmington
  • 3127620KE0QKYJustin L HicksNew Ulm
  • 3127621 KF7PLN Kevin Robert Daly St. Paul
  • 3127622 KC0VTW Theodore D Berquam Motley
  • 3127623 KE0KPV Joseph M Hilton Saint Paul
  • 3127624 KD0SFH Timothy Georgi Minneapolis
  • 3127625 KD0WTB Jason Buckingham Chaska
  • 3127626 N0GYT Riley Scott Saint Paul
  • 3127627 KB0BRO Patrick J Burke Warroad
  • 3127628 KE0QWW Robert W Beier Owatonna
  • 3127629 K0MWB Matthew Beckwell Wawina
  • 3127630 K0WFS Russell L Ramirez Otsego
  • 3127631 KE0AZY Peter Zimmerman Apple Valley

MN DMR code plugs and FLEET MAP can be accessed at this LINK.

8 thoughts on “Motorola Mototrbo code plugs updated”

  1. Can you fill us in on where the 2 new repeaters are located? I see KD0TGF is located in Ellendale. Are the repeaters near there?

    1. Thank you Scott for your interest in the South Central MN repeater network. These two repeaters are located west of Hope, MN about 4.5 miles. If you would like to have the GPS location of these or any of the repeaters in my network SCMN network, I have had it added to the fleet map that is under the Motorola code plug files. These are just two of a 14 repeater network that is going in. Look for more information soon on them.

      Thank you,

      73’s KD0TGF

      1. Fantastic! This is great news and I look forward to working through these repeaters. I live in Southern MN and this will add much needed coverage
        Im not seeing any repeaters on the fleet maps that are in the files. Am I missing something?

        1. Please disregard my last comment. I looked at the fleet map again and saw that I was not seeing the tabs at the bottom of the page. All the info is there. Thanks again for your efforts. 73 de ka0jwc

        2. Today the fleetmap includes only repeaters that are on the air, coordinated and ready for use. The map represents sites submitted by the repeater owners and indicates they are under construction. Consider this the “coming soon” sign. Dan’s excited about getting these on the air. Now if a warmer spring would someday arrive, work can commence.

    1. As I understand, The radio has some severe limitations. Each talk-group needs an rxgroup and there are only 32 available. Galen Erickson, KC0BBK has looked into it, but over all the radio’s not a recommended one. If you have a codeplug you’d like to share with others, I can make it available for download on the site.

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