Motorola Mototrbo code plugs have been Updated January 13th 2018

Motorola Mototrbo code plugs for the following models have been updated:

  • SL 7550
  • XPR 4500L
  • XPR 4550H
  • XPR 4550L
  • XPR 5550He (Note new model)
  • XPR 5550H
  • XPR 5550L
  • XPR 6550
  • XPR 7550

Here is a summary of the revisions in this release:

  • Terry’s N0GOI St. Paul repeater has moved over to the MNDMR C-Bridge so the STP Zone channels have been realigned.


Most DMR-MARC, K4USD, BrandMeister and DMRPlus talkgroups are available in “Contacts > Digital” for the convenience of those who want to customize their code plugs.

The “P” and “M” after your name in contacts follow the original DMR-MARC convention for Portable (P) and Mobile (M) ID assignment, they do not represent your middle or last name initial. This keeps the Subscriber ID unique for the two allowable by DMR-MARC.

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