Motorola Mototrbo code plugs for the following models have been updated:

XPR 4500 Low Power (Model M27QNH9JA1AN)
XPR 4550 Low Power (Model M27QNH9LA1AN)
XPR 4550 High Power (Model M27QPH9LA1AN)
XPR 5550 Low Power (Model M28QNN9KA1AN)
XPR 5550 High Power (Model M28QPN9KA1AN) (NEW)
XPR 5550 High Power (Model M28QPN9RA1AN) (NEW)
XPR 5550 High Power (Model M28QPN9WA1AN)
SL 7550 (Model H81QCN9NA2AN)
XPR 6500 (Model H55QDH9JA1AN)
XPR 6550 (Model H55QDH9LA1AN)
XPR 7550 (Model H56RDN9KA1AN)
XPR 7550 (Model H56RDN9RA1AN)
XPR 7550 (Model H56RDN9WA1AN) (NEW)
XPR 4550 High Power (Model M27JQH9LA1AN)
XPR 5550 High Power (Model M28JQN9KA1AN)
XPR 5550 High Power (Model M28JQN9WA1AN) (NEW)
XPR 6550 (Model H55JDH9LA1AN)

Here is a summary of the revisions in this release:

  • HANDIHAM Brandmeister TG added to SHARK and DVMega Zones
  • Zones with missing contacts for WW and WWE replaced
  • RX Group for BM USA fixed
  • RED WING Goodhue County Emergency Management Contact ID’ed
  • Added IA and WI TG to RED WING (RDW) zone where supported
  • Removed tone for Red Wing UHF Analog repeater RX
  • Faribault 444.625 analog repeater replaced with 444.700 
  • Willmar CTCSS tone fixed

The following Subscriber ID’s have been added to contacts:

  • 3128607 KE0RHU Gabriel Saint Paul Gabriel F Thompson
  • 3128959 AD0SN Richard Lake Elmo Richard Smith
  • 3129944 KE0UDB Preston Byron Preston Satzke
  • 3129969 KA0CWK Lucian Nowthen Lucian Vittori Jr
  • 3130192 KE0LVS Brian Woodbury Brian Kirby
  • 3130246 KE0PBI David Rochester David M Iott
  • 3130379 KN1Z Keisuke Rochester Keisuke Nagase
  • 3130578 N0PKZ Clarence Luverne Clarence R Miller Jr
  • 3130605 WD0END Ronald Chanhassen Ronald J Martin
  • 3130649 KE0CRR Mark Isanti Mark Blood
  • 3130676 KE0UGP Jesse Lake Park Jesse Erickson
  • 3130765 KD0TIV Gerard Eagan Gerard P Horgan
  • 3130833 WB0RSJ Taylor Rochester Taylor Bauman
  • 3131426 KD0YST Karl Bayport Karl Tyrrell
  • 3131432 KE0TPZ Orion Bayport Orion C Tyrrell

MN DMR code plugs and FLEET MAP can be accessed at this LINK.

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