Minnetonka back online

Today my repeater located in Minnetonka at Don Rice’s house was replaced with a Motorola XPR8400. Don wasn’t satisfied with the selectivity or purity of the Yeasu Fusion DR-1X repeater I modified for DMR use and he switched it off a couple weeks ago. That changed today as it’s now a Motorola rig and appears to be performing very well. The Fusion systems just are not as good in locations with multiple radios or high levels of RF present. Thank you again to NØBVE for hosting both the Chaska and Minnetonka systems. Of course Don also provides his own DMR equipment at his sites at RiverView (Some refer to this as MSP) and his other system at the MSP airport. Someone buy him lunch as without his support we would be short 4 of the best performing locations in town. Thank you Don!

PS: Thank you to “Scanner” again as well for checking up on the new duplexers I’ve added to my collection of equipment. What you are looking at here is a couple paychecks. 3 quality duplexers and the new repeater.

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