DMR-MARC announces QSO’s now OK on TG3 North-America

From the website of DMR-MARC

North American Talkgroup has Returned to Full-Time Usage, not Just a Calling Channel

DMR-MARC Network Users,

Effectively immediately, the North America talkgroup (TG3) will return to its original purpose as a wide-area talkgroup available to all North American hams for general QSO at any time. We believe that the North America talkgroup is more effective as a meeting place for all hams, rather than only as a calling channel. Accordingly, we encourage all hams to use this talkgroup for general QSOs spanning across multiple North American repeaters as a way to bridge the distance between us. In addition, we kindly ask that hams respect the fact that this talkgroup is widely distributed and that they keep conversations to a reasonable length and take regular pauses to accommodate others that might want to join the QSO. Remember, User Accessible English 1 (TG113) and User Accessible English 2 (TG123) are available on many systems as talkgroups to continue your conversation if you feel that it is going to be lengthy in nature.

Hope to hear you all on North America soon! Best regards & 73’s!

The DMR-MARC Administrative Team

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