Construction continues

Construction continues on 3 new DMR repeaters to be installed sometime this week.

Several of the sites are temporary to fill in holes in coverage. If you know of a location, please contact me. I have repeaters available for installation. The following photo shows the duplexers from the Benson Airport White Bear Township Site being tuned for installation in Chaska. The Benson project is on hold awaiting a fresh coat of paint for the township water tower this summer before installation continues.

Several other repeaters are awaiting fresh coax jumpers and a check over before being loaded up for installation.

One thought on “Construction continues”

  1. Great news, we have Chaska online. Codeplugs are being updated now. For the next few hours, it’s installed in NØBVE’s tower in Minnetonka, but we expect movement to the Chaska tower before the weekend. More additions underway. I can tell you coverage is awesome!!! A special thank you to Don Rice for providing the locations that bring this awesome service to our community. Way to go Don. I’d also like to thank “Scanner” for services this afternoon, fine tuning a pair of band-pass, band-reject duplexers. These will go into the Bloomington city tower and the Chaska Tower. Thank you guys! Lets make a better network!

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